Who we are

We're a growing car rental agency in mauritius. Our reputation is built around great customer service and experience. What set us different is our people- we're passionate, innovating and dynamic.

An award winning local
car rental agency at SSR
A customer centric car
rental Agency

Our vision statement

To provide an affordable value-for-money and smooth car rental experience to the global emerging economy in an unprecedented way.

Our mission statement

We are not a car rental broker nor an online booking platform! We are real dedicated people working for a renowned car rental agency in Mauritius with a strong rooted work culture which are guided by a set of core values. Rest assure that your after-sales service will not be compromised and be taken at heart by our people.

Our Achievements

This award recognition is just like the small peak of the iceberg where you see the Penguin chilling. Beneath the water is the invisible part where they dive and hunt in the coldest water. The bottom of this big iceberg represents the unseen big job lead by our team working collaboratively to achieve our mission in a challenging environment. We dedicate this award to our dedicated staffs.
Honesty and Transparence

Trust is vital in any relationship, business or personal. We at Pingouin Car Rental want to foster a reliable relationship with our clients and employees by keeping to our word. We emphasized the importance of keeping our word and made sure that Pingouin Car Real employees kept their word when they promised something to a customer. Due diligence is the magical word.


How do elite athletes achieve peak performance? How are great nation or leaders are formed? One word. Discipline. They cut out everything in their lives that don't add value to fulfilling their goals — the people, behaviors and distractions that drawn them further from greatness. People and organizations that lack of discipline have made a conscious choice for that to be their reality.


In a global environment that offers a diversity of mindsets, personalities, and viewpoints, having an empathy-driven culture helps us understand each other better, work together more cohesively, and ultimately, deliver the results our customers expect from us. When we embrace our diversity and infuse it with empathy, we bring a natural smile on your face an a deep satisfaction in your heart.


In a world crowded with experiences, simplicity provides the most important value, which is time-savings. ... By obtaining all this information, we can create simpler experiences. Showing customers an easy way to get a certain service or product is all about making their own choice. Expect simplicity in every interaction with us.

Our core values

It reflects how we do business, treat our employees, and help our clients. These values are more than just statements, they are the principles that we use every day to deliver a superior car rental service and your experience will be crafted from them.

Why we love the ‘Pingouin’?

Well, so many people ask us where the name 'Pingouin' originates from? It has all started in June 2011, prior his start-up, the founder went on a holiday trip to Dubai and went on an adventure to 'Ski Dubai': he has encountered and interacted with the penguin on ice. After his trip, he becomes very curious about this flightless bird and his curiosity has led him to do research, and he has discovered the following amazing facts:

They're sharp | They're resilient | They're meticulous | They are mysterious | They're self-conscious | They're highly Intelligent | They're fearless of predators | They're extremely affectionate | They're very collaborative in colonies | They're master at navigating and hunting.

The founder believed that those traits are the conditions to be outstanding in the business world and he has chosen to brand his startup this name. It is not a mistake or random, but our actual team is an analogy of the real Penguin.

From here our
story began...

On the island of Mauritius, a tropical paradise in the middle of the beautiful Indian Ocean, An island rich in cultural diversity and breathtaking landscapes, we are lucky to call home..

Our journey until now...


Just a small start-up, with 3 cars



We set up our first online store



We set-up our first office



We strive hard & continue to expand our fleet. We started to deliver to all hotels around the island.



After much effort, we become an established company with a great team



We opened our first office at the Airport



Closed due to Covid-19



Closed due to Covid-19



We are knitted family with almost

13 years of experience!

Our location

Our counter is at the arrival terminal of the SSR Airport in Plaine Magnien

Where we deliver?

We deliver at the Airport as well as all the hotels around the island.

View our fleet

Operating Hours

Airport counter delivery
and drop-off

Mon-Sun (05:00 - 21:00)
Tel: 637 00 00

Hotel Delivery and drop-off

Mon-Sun (07:00 - 17:00)
Tel: 637 00 00


Mon-Friday (08:00 - 16:00)
Saturday (08:00 - 12:00)
Sunday (Close)
Tel: 637 00 00

Our promise

Our aim is to get things right first time, every time. Below we set out what you can expect from us and what we will do if we fail to meet any of these standards.

our team

is present to provide top-totch personalised serveice. Our goal is to delight our customers at every interaction and leave us with a memorable experience.

our vehicles

are maintained constantly: we ensure that you get a perfect car, well-cleaned and comfortable to make most of your trip.

round-the-clock assitance

We will never let you alone down the corner of the road. Travel with peace of mind. Your holiday means a lot to us.


we will always try our best to be as punctual in both our deliveries and collections. No need to worry even if your flight was delayed. You will be always informed in case of any unforeseen situation.

Resolving complaints

ideally we aim to be perfectionist but in case of service failure, we will try to resolve your complaint professionaly as quickly as possible.


Why Choose us !

Convinient pickup

Free delivery to the airport.
For pick-up at your hotel: free car
delivery for rentals of 6+ days.

Loyalty rewards

Earn points for every booking made & Redeem your points to get more discount on your next rental.


earn points for every booking made & Redeem your points to get more discount on your next rental.

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Online check-in

You are protected with the No. 1 most trusted and recognised trust mark on the web. Pay online with peace of mind.

24 hour assistance

You are protected with the No. 1 most trusted and recognised trust mark on the web. Pay online with peace of mind.

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