Our Corporate Social Responsibility Program


This page is not dedicated for marketing or advertising publicity purpose, but it highlights our sincerity in helping our community to relieve their distress.

For this reason, there are neither pictures of campaigns (vulnerable people) nor badges which we’re involved to gain any competitive advantage or touching the integrity of others.

We are not a charity organization seeking outside funds buy we work with integrity and honesty.  We do the below and give upper alms to our society though:

1.    Disaster Relief: We support disaster victims globally and where is most needed.

2.    Education funding: We have helped people who have lacked sufficient funds to pursue their studies.

3.    Employee Relief: We have previously provided relief for our employees who need medical emergency.

4.    Sponsorship: We have helped our community in sport activities to alleviate drug propagation.

5.    Monetary Donation: we better keep it private as a giving hand is better than a taking hand.

If anybody is genuinely seeking help and any of the above programs fit him, please drop us an email to: manager@pingouin-carhire.com and we will consider your application based on importance.