Since the establishment of Pingouin Car Rental in 2012, and its car rental franchise program, we have experienced steady growth year after year. We have built a solid car rental infrastructure based on the latest technology.

Our system allows franchisees to manage their entire rental business, from fleet usage, pricing, customer data and rental contracts to the associated documentation from any device having access to Internet. We strive to provide the franchisee with ongoing training and support, as well as increase their bookings from around the world. This allows franchisees to focus on their day-to-day operations and develop their market locally, by promoting the Penguin Car Rental brand.

Service & Benefits

Assistance for the launch of the franchise

You will be given complete support for the creation of a business case and will benefit from the assistance of experts in the field.

Franchise launch package

You will be given complete support for the creation of a business case and will benefit from the assistance of experts in the field.

Sales & marketing support

Working together with brokers, Penguin Car Rental launches several sales campaigns during the year and offers numerous discount agreements.

Quality management

You will receive reports and feedback on the quality perceived by the customers and your success will depend on it.

Revenue Management

Our revenue management team will review your prices on a weekly, monthly and long-term basis to ensure your competitiveness.


Before you begin, you will receive comprehensive training on how to use our system and our support team is available to answer any questions you may have.

Administrative services

We will generate monthly statements, issue invoices, prepare reports, etc. All you have to do is focus on providing the best service possible.


Our cutting-edge website acts both as a sales channel and a business card.

Eligibility criteria

Penguin Car Rental is on the look out for bold and determined entrepreneurs who already have a car rental business or who want to offer such a car rental service.

These individuals must demonstrate a strong commitment to the development and expansion of the Penguin Car Rental brand. Most importantly, you must be committed to providing first class service to customers.

Based on our past experience, we have developed a set of requirements that new franchisees must meet to maximize their chances of success. To be accepted, all future franchisees must meet the following criteria:

Be customer-focused:
Able to provide
high quality service to the customer
Own an independent car rental agency
or be an entrepreneur
willing to invest time and money
Have the required capital resources

Good franchisors assume you will act in the same manner if you become a new franchisee as you are acting while you are a prospective franchisee. They will be making judgments about you based on your behavior while you are investigating the franchise. They will be asking lots of questions like, “Are you serious? Are you focused? Are you diligent? Are you a great person to deal with or are you a pain in the rear? Can you set goals and meet them? Can you make a decision when you need to?” These are attributes that successful franchisees tend to have, and they will be watching you to see if you have them as well.

These are the characteristics that virtually all franchise opportunities need from their franchisees. How strong are your leadership skills? How much business experience do you have? What types? Have you effectively managed employees (or other comparable groups, like children) in the past? How good are your communication skills? Since a franchisee will end up being the “boss” of his or her new business, these general characteristics are vital to a good franchisor.

This is the category that is typically least important to a good franchisor. You may think it’s an advantage if you already know a method to deliver the product or service in an industry you’re considering, but usually the opposite is true. Many franchisors feel getting a new franchisee to unlearn specific skills that don’t match their operating system is much more difficult than just starting from scratch and teaching the necessary skills to someone with no experience in their industry. They’d rather have a blank slate to write on when it comes to this factor, though there are certainly a few exceptions to this general rule.

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