Pingouin Car rental is the home of the cheapest long term car rental in Mauritius with differentiated services. Whether you need a long term car hire or monthly car hire for more than 30 days, or even a long term car lease of up to 48 months, we can help you or even customize to your special needs. We have a wide range of monthly car hire options available in Mauritius.


Our Benefits

One child / booster
seat included

New car

Free door-to-door
delivery and Island-wide

Maintenance Alert

No Hidden cost

Immediate replacement
car in case of break down
or accident

We have a large fleet
and we can ensure the
best rate

Easy to extend

  1. Minimum rental period should be 2 months.
  2. No security deposit needed.
  3. Total Rental payment must be done at the car delivery, neither in installment nor at the end of the rental.
  4. Rental comes with unlimited mileage.
  5. Possibility for easy downgrade or upgrade and adjustment will be done on a pro-rata basis.
  6. Unlike other car rental companies, once your rental goes over 30 days, you will be charged pro-rata for the extra days. For example, if your car rental is 2 months and 14 days, you will be charged the pro-rata rate for the extra days only instead of the daily rate on the extra 14 days.
  7. Delivery or drop-off fee off-airport is chargeable at a rate of each one 15 euros.
  8. Bank charges will be applied if payment is done using credit card. No bank charges is applied for cash payment and direct bank transfer.
  9. Driver will need to supply : – Driver’s license, Copy of ID, Proof of payment and if ever we require any additional information, such should be provided with ease, else is subject to partiality. If you’re reserving on behalf of your company, BRN(Business Registration Number will be needed and a KYC(Know your customer) will be done in due diligence.
  10. Refunds of unused rental if the rental car is returned earlier or due to early departure. Your money will be either refunded to you or brought forward onto your account by any means.
  11. Your booking is subject to be rejected and refunded back if you do not meet our requirements or you’re red listed in our database.
  12. Car maintenance at our cost including changing of oil, brake pads and tyres.
  13. Discounts may apply for renters of more than 2 cars and is subject to rejection too.
  14. Non-maintenance issues such as including ‘Lost of key’ and others will be charged for the cost of the driver to reach at 15 euros. If you’re accountable for any damages from your side while the car was under your control, you should be held responsible; if it deems, we’re responsible, we will then bear the cost with ease.
  15. The above conditions are non-mutually exclusive of the conditions of ‘Term of use’ of this website.

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