Is it safe to book online?

Our website is encrypted and our pages start with 'https' in the address bar.

In what ways can I make a booking?

You can book online using our secured website. You can also contact us by phone on +230 637 80 80,email us to info@pingouin-carhire.com, Skype or Live Chat via our contact us page. We try our best to reply to all emails within 6 hours. We can close all payment details with you via a direct phone call if you do not wish to follow the online booking process.

How does the online booking work?

This is an automated 3-step process. You will start with Step One where you will check the availability of your desired car in real-time. Please follow the instructions on your screen until you reach the final step.

How do I confirm my booking?

You'll need to pay a definite deposit online of the total rental fee via our secured website, using either a Visa or MasterCard. We do not accept other credit cards.

What do I need to do to extend my rental period?

Please contact office well in advance so that we can re-schedule our timing.

What is the minimum rental period?

You can rent a car for a minimum of 3 days.

Is my mileage restricted?

No, all cars are rented with an unlimited mileage allowance.

Can I pre-book child seats on this website?

Yes, you can pre-book child seats and child booster seats during the online booking process.

Is it safe to book online?

Yes, our website is highly secured by Norton anti-virus.

I have an international driving license. Can i still hire a vehicle?

Yes, you can. Your national driving license too is valid to drive in Mauritius.

Do you provide discounts?

We’re always looking at ways to offer you the best car hire at the best value. You will earn points for every booking made and have the possibility to redeem your points to get more discount on your next rental.

What time do you deliver and drop off cars?

For airport delivery and drop off, we operate from 5AM to 22PM; regarding hotel delivery and drop-off operating hours, it is from 9AM to 8 PM. If your preferred time is not within that range, please contact us and needful will be done to meet your requirement.

Can i have an additional driver?

Yes. It is free of charge. Kindly inform our agent at the time of delivery and he will add it in the contract.

Do your child seats meet high standards?

We understand your child’s safety comes first, that is why we deal with recognized range of products.

Will you help me fit child seats when i collect my vehicle?

On your arrival, our helpful rental agents will help you to fit the car seat and also to fit your bags in the car.

If my flight is delayed, what should i do?

In that case, please inform us and we will re-schedule accordingly. If you do not inform us, we might release back the car.

How is the rental charge calculated?

Our rental charge is based on a 24 hour basis.

I want to add extras to my booking? How can i do it?

All extras can be booked directly on our website during your reservation. It is also possible to add and remove extras once you logged in into your account.

What are the benefits of having an online account?

An online account has the following advantages. It allows you to view your reservation; to view your booking history; find out more about our loyalty points and redeem options and making most of online check-in service.

What is included in my car hire?

The Airport Exit Fees is already included in the rental.

Do you have a counter at the airport?

Yes we have. Our car rental representative will meet you at counter number 9 at the car rental booth.

I'm having trouble making a reservation. How can i get help?

Please call our reservation team on: +230 637 80 80 during office hours or send us an email on: info@pingouin-carhire.com we will try our best to help. You may also chat with our team directly from our website available from the contact page.

How can i know the brand, color and fuel type of the car?

According to the car rental terms, the brand, color and fuel type of the car are not guaranteed in advance. If you have a special need, please inform us.

What does 'Or similar' means?

We offer a range of cars across each car group, so cannot guarantee the make, model or color. ‘Or similar’ simply provides a clearer idea of the type of vehicle you will be provided or the same class category.

How much should i pay online to confirm a booking?

After you reserve your car online, at the end, you will be requested to pay an advance payment of 25% or straightaway the full amount of the rental (100%). You can choose any of them and after clicking on the pay button, we will get your reservation voucher by email. Simply print this out and bring it when you collect your hire vehicle.

Can i pay with a debit card?

You cannot use a debit card; we accept only credit cards.

What bank cards are accepted for payment?

We accept VISA Classic/Gold, and MASTERCARD.

What do i need to do if i arrive earlier?

If you arrive earlier than expected either for delivery or drop-off, please notify us and we will try our best to come and meet you at the earliest possible subject to the availability of our agent.

What is an excess?

The excess is also known as a security deposit which you leave with us and it serves as a guarantee in case you crash the car. We hold this amount from your credit card and we release it back to your credit card again if you return us back the car as it was given to you at the beginning. Any repair charges are directly taken from this security amount.

Is a sum blocked on my credit card?

Yes, the excess will be blocked onto your credit card by our bank and it will be automatically released after 14 working days if you return us the car as in same condition as it was initially.

How many days before the rental can i change my booking?

Any modification can be made online directly from your account 72 hours before the start of your rental and the sum is calculated according to existing rates and availability of cars at the moment of making changes.

Should i pay for making changes?

You can change your booking for free. In case you upgrade your booking you have to pay just a difference for extension of the reservation or extras adding or upgrading difference which our system will re-calculate for you automatically.

How can i cancel my booking?

If you want to cancel your booking, please contact us via email. Cancellation charge might be applicable. Phone cancellations will not be accepted.

How far can i drive my car?

All cars are rented with unlimited mileage.

Do i need to make an advance payment to confirm my booking?

A deposit of 25% or 100% payment can be done.

What insurance is included?

Your rental quotation includes comprehensive insurance which comes together with an excess.

How should I pay the excess?

We will authorise this amount from your credit card and it will be held by the bank.  The sum will be refunded back to you after 14 to 21 working

What type of insurance is included?

We have a comprehensive insurance which covers you in case you have met an accident and you are not at fault.

What is an excess?

An excess is the security deposit which be blocked at the delivery of the car.

Will an excess amount be blocked on credit card?

Yes, an excess amount will be blocked on your credit card for the security of the vehicle.

Will the excess amount be refunded?

The excess amount will be BLOCKED on your credit card. It will be automatically unblocked after 14 to 21 working days if no additional damage has been caused to the car.

Can I request to unblock the excess amount at the end of my rental if there are no damages?

Yes, we can release the excess amount. We will need your credit card number and its expiry date. With these details, we will contact the bank for the urgent release.

How much is the excess amount?

The excess amounts for the following car group are as follows: Mini = €250; Economy car = €250; Compact car = €250; Midsized = €250, Standard = €350; MPV = €375; Pickup = €500; SUV = €500, Luxury SUV = €500 This amount is subject to changes found in our Terms of Use.

Do you provide extra insurance/ full cover insurance?

No, we do not provide extra insurance as the car is already insured with a comprehensive policy insurance. It means you will be covered only if you are not at fault in a collision. In most cases, the rate of accident is negligible.

What to do in case I have met an accident with another vehicle?

You must fill in the Agreed Statement Form which you will found in the glove box in all cars. Both parties need to sign and you must submit this document at the drop off of the car. Then, you need to call us on +230 637 00 00 or +230 637 80 80 to inform us about the incident. A replacement car will be given if the car has been severely damaged.

How much will I be charged for a damage?

The amount to be charged will depend on the damages caused to the car. You shall receive an invoice for the damage in less than two weeks. The refund of the difference will be done if applicable.

We have a large amount of luggage. Will it all fit?

We can transfer your luggages separately to your hotel at an additional charge.

Where will the car be delivered?

We deliver all around Mauritius.  We have a counter at the airport to meet you. We can also deliver the car directly to your hotel.

What documents do I need when collecting the car?

You will need the reservation number that was emailed to you when you made your booking. You will also need to show us a valid driver's license from your country of residence which you have held for at least two years. An alternative is to show us an international driver's license. Some form of picture identity will be required such as a passport or ID card. Your voucher is also needed.

What happens during the car delivery process?

The whole process of car delivery takes around ten minutes. After presenting your documents, you will then settle the outstanding payment of your rental either by cash or by credit card using our wireless POS Terminal. Our staff will clarify any queries. Finally, we will inspect the condition of the car along with you and note any bumps or scratches prior to your rental.

Where must I return the car?

The car must be returned to the place specified in your rental agreement.  A verification of the car is then done. Should you return the car late, you will be charged accordingly for the extra hours.

What happens if my flight is delayed?

If you have pre-booked, we will meet all scheduled flights, even if delayed.

How can I pay the excess?

The excess can either be paid by cash or we will pre-authorise your credit card using our electronic POS machine.

How would i know where to pick up the car?

As we offer Meet and greet service for airport delivery, our agent will wait for you in the arrival hall near gate number 7. In case you cannot find them, you may call the office.  As for hotel delivery, we will meet you at the reception. More information pertaining to your car delivery is already provided in your voucher.

What documents are required for picking up the car?

• Driving license; • Driver’s Passport; • Driver's personal credit card; • Car hire voucher

Is it possible to deliver the car to my hotel?

Yes, it is possible; you need to mention the delivery place while doing your booking from our website.

What is a rental agreement or contract?

When you collect your hire vehicle you will receive a rental agreement or a contract from our agent. This document contains all the information you need to know, including the booking price and the vehicle’s condition. You will need to check and sign your rental agreement before you take your hired vehicle.

Can i pay my outstanding balance by cash on delivery?

Yes, we give you the option to pay by cash once you are in Mauritius.

Are there any extra charges on top of the standard hire price?

Yes, as booking fee does not include any parking or traffic violations.

Will my car come with a full tank of fuel?

No, we do not guarantee a full tank. We operate a same to same fuel policy.

What type of fuel will my car use?

Your car will run on either petrol or diesel. Our agent will help you out.

My flight arrives after the office is closed. Can i still collect my hired car?

We offer a late arrival service at the airport, which allows you to collect your car even after hours. Kindly email us your special request.

What happens if i forget to bring my voucher when i collect my hired car?

If you have already paid for the voucher, it is not a problem. You can still collect your car. You have to present your passport and license as an identification proof.

Can i pay in cash?

You can pay in Euro or Mauritian Rupees

Where should I go to get the car at the airport?

We are in the small building of car rental. We are at car rental booth at no. 9 next to AVIS.

If my flight has been delayed what should I do and where should I go?

Our counter is opened as from 5 a.m. until 10 p.m. Our agent will be waiting for you for the car delivery. We kindly suggest you to put your flight number as this will help us to trace the flight landing time. You can also email us on customerservice@pingouin-carhire.com for any lateness.

Where will the delivered car be?

The car will be parked in the parking of the airport.

What documents do I need to present at the counter?

You will have to present your booking confirmation, driving license, identity card or passport.

What if I have forgot the requested documents?

You can present the booking confirmation in soft copy. You can also present a copy of your driving license.

What if I have many luggages?

You can upgrade the car category and it will depend on our car availability. We can also do a transfer of luggage at an additional cost.

Do you deliver cars to hotels, apartment, villa or local address?

We deliver cars all around Mauritius – hotels, villas, apartments, or any other address.

Can I drive with my foreign driving license in Mauritius?

Tourists are allowed to use their foreign driving licence in Mauritius.

Who can drive the rental car?

Only those people stated in the rental agreement and who are covered by the insurance.

Is an additional driver allowed?

An additional driver is allowed at no extra cost.

Is it necessary to specify the flight number during my reservation?

If you pick up the car at the airport, it is recommended to specify the flight number at the time of making a booking such that we do not miss you at the airport.

How much is the security deposit?

The security deposit will depend on the size and type of car you rent. For example the excess for: Mini car=€500; Economy car = €500; Compact car = €500; Midsized = €500, Standard = €500; MPV = €600; Pickup = €600; SUV = €700; Luxury: €750

Can the excess be reduced?

It is a common practice to reduce your excess amount to half its original value. The excess can be reduced by taking insurance Waiver (Extra insurance)- our car rental representative will help you out at the delivery process.

Who is responsible for fines and violations?

The driver of the car should be responsible for all fines and violations.

Can i contact you if i have problems with the car?

Yes, you may contact us by phone, which you can find on our website. We are very customer oriented, and we shall do needful to resolve your issue.

What should i do if i see any damage on my hired vehicle that is not marked on my rental agreement?

We always check our hire vehicles thoroughly in front of our client then you sign the rental agreement and the checklist, but mistakes can happen. Should you notice any damage on your hire vehicle not marked on your rental agreement, please call us as soon as possible after you collect it.

What if i have an accident?

If you are involved in an accident, please call the office immediately. We will advise you the procedures to follow.

What if i have break down or need help on the road?

We offer 24-hour emergency breakdown assistance in case you have a mechanical breakdown or are involved in an accident. Simply call on the number provided with your rental agreement.

What if my hired vehicle is stolen?

Should this happen, the maximum amount to be paid is equivalent to the excess.

What to do if i want to extend my rental?

Kindly send us an email for the requested extension 48 hours in advance. We shall send you confirmation by mail.

What happen in case of an accident or break-down?

The first thing is not to panic! Just call us directly on our 24-hour line: 637 80 80 and we will deal with everything. If the car cannot be driven, we’ll organize a taxi for you and arrange a replacement car.

What happen for any damaged noticed after the inspection?

We'll send an evaluator to assess the damage. For any excess liability on your insurance cover, you will be asked to pay the amount due.

Where should i drop-off my car at the airport?

One of our agents will wait for you at our airport's counter. He will verify the car and complete the paperwork.

What additional charges might i be charged for when i return my car?

If you return the car with lesser fuel level than provided on delivery you will be charged for missing fuel. Any damages caused will be charged too.

How quickly will the excess amount be unblocked?

It takes from 14 to 21 days for the excess amount to be unblocked. In some cases, we recommend you to get in touch with us and we shall do needful to quicken the unblocking process.

Will you charge me a cleaning fee if my hired car gets dirty?

We understand that your car might get dirty during your journey and normally we do not charge for cleaning. However, if this dirt is excessive due to negligence we may charge a cleaning fee to cover the cost of professional valeting.

What happens if i return my hired car damaged?

In the case of any damage, we will charge the total repair costs up to the excess amount, which was agreed at the time of your rental contract unless there was a breach of our terms and conditions.

Do i get a refund in case i return the car earlier?

In case you drop off the car before the specified time we will not refund you back for the unused day(s).

Can i return my hired car to a different location?

It is possible and you may be liable for additional drop-off fee.

I am going to return my hired car later than agreed. Is this possible? I

If you are getting late or need to extend your car rental - do make sure you contact us as soon as possible; else you might incur penalty fee.

I left something in my hired car. Do you have a lost property service i can contact?

Please contact the office as soon as possible and we will do needful to retrieve back your lost item. If you have already departed, we will then arrange to post you back your lost property at our earliest. Postage fee will be communicated to you.

What happens if i get a traffic offence?

I need to inform the management by mail and pay for the offence at the drop off of the car.

How do i book a car or get a quotation?

I click on the following the link : https://www.carrental-mauritius.com/and insert the requested details

If you have any other questions please contact us